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Young people as well as adult's abuse drugs and alcohol in the state of Delaware and the availability of some illegal substances are high and easily obtained. Alcohol use and substance abuse has led many residents of Delaware to seek treatment but there are still people in all age groups in need of intervention and treatment. Last year adult treatment admissions for specific substance abuse problems in Delaware included:
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  • 1,924 adults for alcohol problems
  • 1,529 adults for heroin problems
  • 1,539 adults for marijuana/hashish problems
  • 1,359 for other opiates and synthetic drug problems
  • 284 adults for crack cocaine problems
  • 301 adults for cocaine problems
  • 13 adults for amphetamine problems

Many adolescents and teens smoke marijuana, abuse prescription drugs and over the counter medications, and abuse other substances as well in Delaware and are in need of help for their substance use. Underage drinking and smoking is also a problem among many young adolescents and teens in their state.

Step Up is a campaign that helps adults and parents take an active part in their children's life when it comes to preventing underage drinking, and unfortunately this is a problem in Delaware. Through their communication media, parents and other adults are educated about underage drinking and receive helpful information regarding prevention in order to keep their children safe. Substance abuse education and prevention are vitally important when it comes to protecting our young people from alcohol and drug abuse. Delaware promotes awareness programs to keep their residents well informed and safe.

  • Prescription Drug Use In Deleware

    In Delaware it's no different than any other state when it comes to prescription drug abuse or the misuse of prescribed drugs. Many people are legitimately dependent on prescription pain pills or other medications and there are a lot of individuals using prescription drugs for non-medical reasons also, just for the purpose of getting high. The abuse or misuse of prescriptions drugs can not only lead to dependence but can also lead to a drug overdose. In the year 2009, 80% of the drug overdose deaths (137 deaths) "involved one or more prescription drugs" in Delaware according to their Department of Justice.

    The state of Delaware takes part in the National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day so people can safely dispose of their un-needed or expired prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications (OTC). This also keeps prescription drugs and OTC medications from being misused or abused by family members, friends and others.

  • Prescription Drug and Driving Awareness Campaign in Delaware

    In Delaware a public awareness campaign was launched in 2011 in hopes to make the public aware of the dangers concerning driving under the influence of prescription drugs. Many people have lost their lives due to impaired driving which is associated with the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, and prescription drugs and over the counter medications. Even when prescription drugs are legally prescribed, they affect a person's ability to operate a motor vehicle safely and Delaware takes this issue very seriously.

    DSAMH is Delaware's Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health and they make sure that their residents are able to get quality help and treatment for gambling problems, substance abuse problems and mental health issues.

  • Delaware Substance Abuse

    The use of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, marijuana and designer drugs like bath salts and ecstasy are a problem in various areas of Delaware also. Residential and outpatient treatment programs are available throughout the state of Delaware that provide a broad range of services to adolescents, young and older adults needing help for their substance use. Unfortunately not everyone receives help for their substance use and there are many residents of Delaware in need of intervention and treatment for their drinking problems or substance abuse issues.

  • Delaware Heroin Abuse

    Heroin is an extremely addictive drug that has affected the lives of many people and their families in Delaware. Throughout the years, heroin is a drug that has fluctuated back and forth as far as wide-spread use goes in Delaware but is still an available drug within the state. DSAMH funded treatment programs alone shows 1,529 heroin admissions for adults 18 years of age and older in the year 2010.

  • Delaware Marijuana Abuse

    Marijuana is a common drug of abuse in Delaware among teens and young and older adults and is very easily obtained throughout the state. In the year 2010, there were 1,539 marijuana admissions for adults 18 and older in DSAMH funded treatment programs.

  • Delaware Crystal Meth Abuse

    Meth can be easily obtained in Delaware and is a preferred drug of choice among some people. Some of the meth used in Delaware is locally produced either by local drug traffickers or by the meth users themselves. There is still some meth that's found in the state that comes from Mexico and California drug trafficking organizations. Adult admissions for methamphetamines in 2010 were only 7 in treatment programs funded by DSAMH. Meth is a powerful and dangerous substance and unfortunately drugs like crystal meth are extremely addictive.

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