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Deleware Synthetic Drug Use

Opiates are commonly abused in Delaware and it appears that treatment admissions in 2010 were higher for opiate problems among people receiving treatment than any other substance. The primary opiates in this category were prescription drugs in 2010.

One hundred and two people died in the year 2007 as a "direct consequence of drug use" according to a Delaware Drug Control Update report. Unfortunately people don't realize that abusing drugs does more than just create a euphoric rush, substance use leads to addiction, accidental overdose and death among people of all ages.

We all know how serious pneumonia and flu can be but in 2009 there were more deaths in Delaware from drug overdoses than there were from pneumonia and flu combined according to Delaware's Health Statistics Center (DHSC).

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The illegal drugs that are abused many times are manufactured and produced in clandestine labs then sold on the illicit drug market. There are also drugs produced legitimately in laboratories for the use in the medical field for therapeutic purposes.

Most of the time when drugs are synthetically produced in illicit labs many dangerous and seriously unsafe chemical compounds are combined together and drug users don't even know what's in them. Now a days, synthetic illicit drugs are much more potent and dangerous than ever before. Extremely toxic chemicals are added and the effects from these synthetic drugs can be deadly.

It doesn't matter what type of drug or narcotic is being abused or whether it's a synthetic drug or not, dependency and addiction are very serious psychological and sometimes physical medical conditions. Chronic abuse most of the time requires Detoxification Treatment, Behavioral Therapy or Substance Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation. The more toxic, chronic and serious the drug of abuse is, the more extensive the drug treatment needs to be.