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Addicted to Club Drugs?

Have you or someone you know used club drugs, also known as 'party drugs' and need to find a treatment program because you're suffering from problems brought on by using these substances? Many of our clients are college students and teens that have used drugs like crystal meth, ecstasy or GHB recreationally with their friends not realizing that they're very addictive substances that come with emotional and physical consequences when they're used. Today club drugs are quite popular among young people and not only are they addicted to them, they're suffering from depression, hallucinations and other psychotic disorders because of their use.

About US

We are a recovery center for teens and young adults in need of intensive substance abuse treatment due to addiction. We make sure young people receive the most effective treatment available today so that they can overcome their addiction to club drugs and other substances and improve their quality of life. We help clients find safe and effective detoxification programs if necessary before entering our intensive outpatient substance abuse and addiction treatment program.

Our staff is highly qualified, licensed and experienced in treating addiction. We provide understanding, education, and guidance and support so our clients can learn to understand their substance use and drug addiction and reach their full recovery potential.

Our Addiction Recovery Process

We provide intensive treatment programs for people who are addicted to club drugs to help them recover and learn how to live life successfully without the use of drugs like crystal meth and ecstasy. In order to provide each client with the treatment they require, we do thorough assessments during the admission process so that we are able to address their individual recovery needs. We also provide frequent follow-up assessments throughout our client's recovery program so we can adjust their treatment plans accordingly to their changing needs.

How We Help With Addiction

None of our young clients receive exactly the same treatment plan for their addiction to club drugs or other chemical dependencies. We provide intensive outpatient treatment programs for both male and female clients 7 days a week. Our clients receive individual counseling daily and behavioral therapy sessions in individual and gender specific group settings. Gender specific therapy groups are much more comfortable for our clients and make it a lot easier for people to talk and open up.

Our intensive outpatient addiction treatment program is designed to help our young clients understand the dangers involved with substance use, learn how to make positive choices without abusing club drugs or other substances recreationally, and to improve their self-esteem and self-worth.

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